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Corrective massage is a systematic series of treatments designed to effectively alleviate symptoms of acute and chronic conditions. The corrective massage practitioner utilizes well-established and tested massage modalities to help clients work through scar-tissue restrictions, contracted and shortened muscles due to injury, restricted tissue that fails to result in healing, and dehydrated muscle tissue that results in imbalance and further restrictions.


Corrective massage is different from the typical spa massage in that corrective massage is focused on results. The emphasis in corrective massage is to create efficient alignment of your bones and muscles. The results are freedom from pain and increased range of motion. The corrective massage therapist’s goal is to establish the root cause of musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction and to eliminate it.


Chronic conditions develop over time, and will often require multiple sessions to change the patterns and posture of your body.




These tools safely and naturally restore function:

* Cross-Fiber Friction

* Trigger Point Therapy

* Myofascial Release

* Swedish Massage

* Cupping

* Manual Lymphatic Drainage

* Sport Massage

* Deep Tissue Massage


With corrective massage, sessions are interactive requiring you to flex and release certain muscles during the massage to accelerate results and to re-educate the body so that stretched muscles are contracted and shortened muscles are lengthened. This creates balance in the body. And, a body in balance is a body that is pain free and strong.


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